SCE Engineering Applications:

Find Surveys
Find Surveys and view/or download
Find Subdivision Plats and Improvement Plans
Find a subdivision and view/download the documentation online
View Monuments
Need a Geodetic Monument? This is the place to look.
Convert Lat-Lon <=> State Plane
Easier than CORPSCON! This tool converts latitude and longitude to State Plane Coordinates, or vice-versa. (For SPC Zone 3401 Northern Ohio only)
Convert Degrees-Minutes-Seconds to Decimal Degrees
This tool converts things like "-81 20 36.24" to "-81.3434" or vice-versa. It looks for certain patterns in the input and recognizes when they are probably headings, then converts them to Decimal Degrees or DMS.

SCE Programmer Web Services:

These tools are designed for GIS programmers working in Northern Ohio

REST webservice for DMS-decimal conversions
The computer language equivalent of the DMS to Decimal converter above
REST webservice for lat-lon(GCS) to State Plane (SPC) conversions
The computer language equivalent of the CORPSCON replacement above

SCE General Public Applications:

The following are online versions of printed maps:
County Map (Cover)
Zoomified front of the SCE map
County Map (Back)
Zoomified back of the SCE map
County Topo Map
Zoomified USGS topo map of Summit County
Bridge Maps
Maps of all Summit County Bridges

The main page for the general public use:

General Public Website